Obsessive habits

I know I’m not the only that falls in love with some sort of thing or activity and after a while I just get tired of it.

The amount of trash I have accumulated with time due to my obsessive compulsive need to do things, to buy things and later leave them because I got bored with them is embarrassing. I wasted so much money in silly things that sometimes makes me wonder what little self control I have.

Is just knowing that I have stuff is gratifying.

At least the first few weeks.

Things I’ve tried to do in the past: Knitting, Bujos, doodles, cross-stiching, watercoloring, yoga.

And is not like is bad to pursue something is that I spent good amount of money on every single hobby I tried to tackle. I have unused markers, paints, thread, brushes,  yoga mat, and god knows what else. I have dedicated secret Pinterest boards to each one of them.

Even blogging. I started trying to blog several times before. Like right now, I used to post a few thing and then forget about it or claim that I didn’t had the time to sit down and write about something in particular. Mostly the lack of focus or that I get so easily distracted with everything else in my life.

I am now being drawn to Minimalism. Which in my case would be a good thing since I have so much shit, which got me thinking or has made me think about all the unnecessary things I keep getting. But being a minimalist has a cost as much as you can get from getting rid of the clutter and the worries about owning so much or so little of something.

I mean why do I need over ten pair of jeans when I’m stuck with the only two that fit me right now. The thought of losing weight in the near future is the lie we all tell ourselves when we are faced with the reality that there’s too much in a small crammed space. I have learned that if I don’t wear something or if I don’t see myself wearing it then I shouldn’t be keeping it in the first place. Is so easy and simple. And also makes it so much easier to just see what is available to be worn.

high angle view of shoes

I’m not saying I will do the 333 Project. You know, that one when you only wear 33 items in three months. Got overly popular over all social media for a while, when being a minimalist started to make sense to people but now, now is just something people have found out that works for them. That relieves them from the worry and anxiety getting more and more.

What I’m trying to say is that I finally understand myself. How my brain works and how I can fight the obsession I get over owning or doing things I may not be capable to stick to. Which in my case has been all of them.