What’s your sound?

I’m one of those people who is constantly between music genres. Some might call me eclectic but I am just letting myself be taken whenever my mind wants to take me.

This past week, classical music has been playing non stop. My youtube feed is now recommending me a ton of videos by TwoSetViolin and I just finished watching Studio Ghibli’s 20 year anniversary at Budokan (do correct me if is not like this.)

That got me thinking about I really wanted to write about.

One’s soundtrack,

There’s no such thing as a life Soundtrack, sure you could blast music all day long and we might not notice most of the time but the tunes, the rhythm matches our current state, our moods and feelings, emotionally we are connected to the type of music we listen too. The thing is that we pay more attention to lyrics when we are sad, and then happy is mostly rhythm.

Do you listen to sad music when you are deep in tears? Or do you listen to the wind chimes when cool breeze is brushing your face? No. You don’t. Movies and television use the background music to match the current emotional state of the scene, is a way to make us or at least let us know how we should feel about what we are watching. Scary movies use sound or the lack of it to make you feel like you’re the one who is about to die.

What do I listen to when I feel down and depressed? Dogs barking, cars going way to hard through a pothole, people’s laughter, glass breaking….

The world, the real one doesn’t play music to match our feelings. Birds don’t chirp just to makes us happy. Disney lied to us, there are no signing mouses or dancing willow trees. Is just all a ruse and sad thing is that we finally figure it out way too late.

Oh and hello again,

Are you okay?