Will you be my Valentine?

It has finally arrived.

This is the month couples use to show the world that they have some sort of affection towards each other, where candies are sold in the shape of “hearts” and the color red symbolizes love.

Cupid is out out there, plastered onto walls and t-shirts. There’s also the rebels, who refuse to follow the mainstream, the ones who wear black as a statement, you know sticking it to the man or whatever. Those same rebels, are the ones that will lay back on their beds and sulk about being single, green with jelousy.

Let’s all rejoice and fantasize about what would we be doing if there wasn’t a virus killing people.

Now, hooking up and getting drunk has more consequences than the infamous walk of shame the next morning or getting an STD. is not about the current relationship status anymore, is the have you had it question that is now norm in the getting to know each other phase. So staying single has been more like a defense mechanism, like a health defense mechanism.

If you’re holding hands you’re also wondering if they washed it or at least used hand sanitizer. I know I’d be wondering or at least handing you alcohol wipes.

Whoever was able to find someone has either locked it down or thinking about it.

I think the whole idea has gone too deep, I just wish this can be a normal valentine for anyone who has anyone, and by normal I mean within the CDC and WHO guidelines.

oh by the way, I’m okay.