I guess is not fair to criticize a romance movie that came out in 2004, which I had on my list that I was going to watch and now, today November 11th 2020 I watched for the first time in my life and couldn’t stop cringing. I don’t want to hate the movie but is imposible when the plot is something that came out of a Wattpad novel. or similar to one. maybe it came out of a harlequin Juliet novel. those ones that are barely 100 pages. the same one I devoured in one sitting; is very different the feeling you get while reading them than watching the actual lovey-dovey scenes. the world was at a different place back then, love was more pure in movies or Hollywood hadn’t taken off their trainers and was still taking thing slow when it comes to show real life scenarios. what im trying to say is that back in 2004 the movie might have not sucked but now, in 2020 is garbage but I guess is okay.


  • Tittle: The Prince & I
  • Starring: Julia Stiles,Luke Malby
  • Rating: 2/5

I still love you Julia.