Back at it again

The last entry I tried to write was about my new status, which now feels like old news but still, at the time was new and I felt like I was dying, for the first time in years. Which is odd since I tend to contemplate the act of killing myself but actually dying because of something I feel instead of something I don’t made me want to rectify the situation.

That sounds so odd and stupid and yet I guess that how it is, how I function.

Okay so now, I guess, I’ll be more active on this since I finally was able to replace my old surface with my the computer of my dreams. That one that I had been salivating for years and after I decided to save for it and then my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 played a trick on me. And I say trick because I was quite happy with it, even with the fact that right from the start it gave me problems.

I loved that computer, even more the fact that it was also a tablet and so easy to carry around. So compact and at first I really fell in love with Windows 10. I’ve been using it since it made its launch and I was still fighting to maintain alive my old HP,  whose old ram, battery and keyboard are not suitable for 2018. I still have it, since I’m unable to detach myself from any sort of tech I’m able to afford or get my way into having, is tucked away inside my closet. It lives if you’re wondering, I checked two weeks ago. Still boots up but the password I set it up with starts with an N and that is one of the many keys that won’t work. I will have to try and see if my wireless keyboard does the trick and I can finally see what’s in there.

Now back again with the Surface Pro, right at the beginning the screen would flicker after a few hours of use. I did the research and it was a thing among the other users so if I just let it cool down I could use it later, no big deal since I have patience and a monitor that I could hook up if there was some assignment that I needed to finish.

The constant updates. Those weren’t even necessary. I’m not a heavy user, I do the normal stuff. I write a lot, maybe I’ll edit a few things for a friend on AI and download a lot of stuff. Ok, I’m more that the average consumer and those things, the upgrades weren’t really necessary. One thing about the upgrades is that the change the settings, what your computer is built for, and as time passes those updates demand more ram, more memory. all that will affect not only the performance but the battery life. Is a common thing with every single gadget out there. Hell, it happened to my Kindle Fire when, the battery barely lasts a day which bring us back to Microsoft. I am not totally blaming that it was the updates but as each one was installed the battery life lasted less and less until it was time for me to deliver this important final project that, for my class I had to show the progress to my professor each week, so since my “trusty computer” couldn’t hold an sec of power I was screwed.

Oh and another thing. I couldn’t download any other programs that weren’t official or illegal. Let’s face it, we all don’t have that kind of money for the memberships and “one time payments” that once you do the math is a lot of money.

After all the drama of this semester I took my credit card and bought myself a new computer. A MacBook pro and so far I like it a lot.