Evil is out there

And I’m not talking about the actual one. we don’t talk about him here.

im talking about the kind of people you bump into every other day, or every day if you’re that lucky.

I am that lucky.

I’m the one at work that has no clue of the ongoing gossip. that knows that there’s some hush hush stuff going around me but could care less because I am here to earn my keep and my morals won’t let me do anything wrong. Even with my beliefs and morals I know what’s right and wrong and I will fall for your shit for a second or two but I will catch myself pretty quickly, I tend to just brush up betrayals or shrug but once you let me catch I will play innocent, I know nothing according to you but now I know the game and even thought you have played around me I keep myself and you happy.

I like to not know.

I like to be and I let you be.

so let me be.

because if I know then

game’s on.

I won’t actually do anything okay. I just wanted to sound badass but at the end I don’t care.