The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

I may be a little late into the Remake of Sabrina review, but should we call it a remake? I mean is nothing similar to the old Melissa Joan Hart bubble gum and pink rainbow witch world aired in 1996.


I should know since had been watching Melissa Joan Hart since Clarissa Explains it All, you know, back then when TV shows weren’t over produced, teenagers played teenagers and all was good back then, I mean my only worry was that I had to do homework and wash behind my ears.

Being a sucker for darker shows like Penny Dreadful, The Walking Dead, anything with vampire and witches and the supernatural, but not the show Supernatural, for some reason it hasn’t been my kind of thing, well probably the fact that anything it it scared me easy. I even tried season one but can’t even remember what happened on the last episode I watch, someone got possessed but that’s what happens most of the time there, right? The weird and out of the norm has been my thing so when I found out that this new Sabrina would be nothing like the old show I got interested and googled a little bit about the new plot.

Is a 60% based, at least the first season, on the firsts volumes of the comic of the same name of the show by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. And why 60%? Well, if you go after this point I have to warn you about the spoilers coming ahead.

This is what I knew about the plot when I read the first volume of the comic:

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  • Sabrina hair is already white.
  • Harvey Kinkle is not her boyfriend but her love interest, he falls for her after a love potion is made.
  • There’s no weird sisters on Vol. 1
  • Sabrina’s mother is not death but in an asylum, her father burned the side of  her face and made her crazy because she threatened him to reveal to the world what he was.
  • The aunts said something about fixing Sabrina’s mother up, about her not being able to get pregnant.
  • Sabrina and her aunts move to Greendale after she’s bullied at witch school.
  • Sabrina’s father is a tree or trapped inside one.
  • Salem is already there and talks, I think.
  • Two girls summon a sucubbus and it turns out to be an old lover of Edward Spellman.
  • On some Youtube videos I saw that Harvey is not really Harvey but Edward Spellman, reincarnated or whatever.

Now the show is slightly different.

The show is set on the town of Greendale, just next door of Riverdale across the Sweetwater river. The same one where the Blossom twins first appeared on season one of Riverdale. That’s right the town where Veronica, Archie, Betty and Jug live. So we have them set in the same universe, no clue what sort of name it has, maybe the Archie universe.


Sabrina lives with both her aunts Hilda and Zelda Spellman, and cousin Ambrose and has known she’s half witch half human all her life. Her 16 birthday is coming soon, which exactly falls on the 31 of October, on a blood moon day and all Hollows Eve. The perfect setting to sign your name away to the Devil and get imaginable powers. But she already has powers right? She’s a witch. She’s able to say some spells and charms so why must she sign it to get it unlocked? Well, apparently the Devil himself is the one that grants you that the second you finish writing in his big book of names with your own blood and you must do so willingly or else.

All throughout episodes 1-9 we watch as Sabrina struggles to find out a valid reason to give herself away to this world he has been pushing away from. Knowing it exist but not fully grasping the reality. Sabrina loves both of her worlds, human and supernatural. Even more with her boyfriend Harvey Kinkle, her friends and her free will.

Salem is a goblin that took a cat form, instead of adopting a familiar Sabrina called a spirit in the woods that would be wiling to protect her and she would protect him.


You see, once you sign your name you become more powerful but also it means you will have to serve him, The Devil, and follow his rules, there’s no going back. Father Blackwood tries to explain how delicious living in the darkness is, tries to lure her right until her dark baptism, the word he uses aren’t the same ones that Sabrina heard him say to her. He lied so she refuses to continue and runs away. After that a lot happens, there’s a trial to which as punishment for Sabrina’s refusal both aunts are ripped from their power and start to age rapidly, first sign is Hilda’s tooth falling out of her mouth, their skin turns white and hard like parchment and the once lustrous hair turns thin and greym, pergamin like. At the end there’s an agreement, she can live both lives, go to school with the humans but also take some clases with the rest of the young witches and warlocks at the Academy of Unseen Arts.

All of this happens just because there’s some kind of prophesy around Sabrina, at least that’s what Madame Satan says at the very end of the comics or was it Father Blackwood that said it? At this point nothing is sure, all we know as the episode continue is that she’s the daughter of the previous Priest of the Dark Church, Edward Spellman, according to a lot of the congregation he was very powerful and respected until he married a human woman, the union was permitted and blessed by the Dark Lord himself. I’m assuming it was because of the prophesy but since I only read Volumen 1 of the on going comics the chances are huge.

At the end Sabrina is forced to sign her name away by the very end of episode 10, IMDB says they were 20 but I just confirmed with Netflix, and there are 10.  Mary Wardell or Madame Satan calls the 13 witches that were hanged on the same three Sabrina ate that apple that showed her weird red images about rotten corpses swinging in the air by their necks. The Devil himself attends her second Dark Baptism, which happens to be at the best time of the day or night it this case; The Witching Hour that happens between 2 and 4 am, 3 being the highest peak.

We see how truly powerful she is, casting hell fire and burning the all of the witches, which is advance magic for a 16 yearly half-witch. As the slay of the 13 witches happens Sabrina’s hair turns white. Maybe her hair turning white is a a sign of what is to come, how powerful she truly is or will be.

By the end we see white haired Sabrina walking along side the Prudence and her sisters, she’s one of them now, probably more powerful than the three.


If I would continue to write about every single thing then I wouldn't be able to finish. There's a lot of details and things that are relevant to this story and I see why they changed so much. I like the show version, and that is dark and full of things that you don't see in other shows.

Has the same air that Hemlock Grove had at the beginning, even knowing the story and reading the book didn’t really prepare me for what it was going to be like when they put what I imagined on the screen. They have to set to be appealing, draw people in. Yes, I cringed here and there, and the episode with the possession had me awake for a couple of hours at night but aside from that I truly enjoyed it.

The good thing is that Netflix ordered a second season and that means that 2019 is bringing a lot of good stuff; Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, A discovery of Witches and The Chilling adventures of Sabrina, and those are just shows don’t get me started on upcoming movies.

I plan on doing a review or review on both the book and the show of A discovery of Witches, recently discovered and loved it with passion but that is for another blog.

Great casting, Kiernan Shipka makes an excellent Sabrina and give this show a hundred stars.

Side note: this was written out of memory, any detail gotten wrong was because of the lack on information on the web since the show is rather new and hasn’t been dissected enough.